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Find out about upcoming Salon events, news and announcements.

Our ongoing plan is to meet up on the last Tuesday of every calendar month. The Salon is an evening event, with drinks available for a small donation, and opportunities to mingle with other attendees and guests before and after the main part of the evening.


The Salons usually have a theme, and we often invite guest speakers, such as writers, publishers, booksellers, or other industry representatives to talk about their work. There are occasional variations in the monthly schedule – for instance, to align with important dates such as Book Week Scotland – as well as extra events throughout the year.


We are currently running the Salon as a hybrid event: those attending in person are invited to join us at The Outhouse on Broughton St. Lane, and the event will also be streamed live via Zoom for those watching from home or elsewhere.

You can learn more about the format of our Salons by clicking on the category 'Salon Events', and browsing through the posts below.

Tickets for our upcoming events can be booked via Eventbrite: you can find the booking link in the posts below. Please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page, or follow us on Eventbrite, via the buttons below, to stay informed about our upcoming events.

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