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NEXT SALON: December's Festive Salon!

Tuesday the 20th of December, 2022, 6pm, Live and on Zoom

For our final event of the year, we’re holding a Salon full of good cheer; with

festive frolics and jollity, The Wash Bar is the place to be!

We’re delighted to say that, for one month only, we’re going to pay a visit to our old haunt, The Wash Bar. After a Pandemic, unexpected closures, fires, and renovation, Mike has offered to host our December Salon in the downstairs area of the bar.

This venue is ideal since it is central, overlooking all the ‘fun’ of Princes Street Gardens, and right next to Makar’s Court where poetry is engraved into the very pavestones! (Please note, this is not a fully accessible venue as the toilets are upstairs.)

Since we are so close to Christmas, we won’t have any guest writers or speakers, but we intend to provide some entertainment that will stream to our friends joining through zoom too. Sharing mince pies through the internet may be slightly beyond our technological abilities however!

The usual timing applies: wine reception, then we open the zoom at 6.45, and livestream from 7pm. After the entertainment we will mingle and chat about all things literary – or whatever we fancy.


How it works...

6pm: Wine Reception at the Outhouse

6.45: Open the Zoom meeting

7pm: Festive Entertainment begins!

7.45 Live Mingling, and Zoom chat

Tickets are available from Eventbrite – we will send a zoom invitation to all attendees anyway.

All Salon Events are free. We invite a small donation (£3) for the glass of wine, or encourage people to buy us a coffee to help fund our work.


We look forward to seeing you in person or in the zoom-room!*

*We acknowledge that some people prefer to attend the Zoom without video, so we invite people to use the ‘comments’ section to give input, paste relevant links, and ask questions. We encourage Salon attendees to say ‘bye’ if they so wish when departing! We will save any links from the comments to share to our mailing-list and social media, and we will not be recording the zoom.

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