Our Submissions Are Open!

After the success of Lost, Looking & Found, we are delighted to have the opportunity to produce a second anthology, in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University's MSc Publishing course.

We are committed to providing a platform for both published and emerging authors in our community. We have invited renowned authors associated with the Edinburgh Literary Salon to contribute, and we're now inviting open submissions. 

Keep reading below to find out more about our theme, how to submit, and our terms and conditions.

DEADLINE: 30th September 2022 11:59pm

Our Theme

When looking for inspiration for our next theme, we went right back to the source...





a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.

"Lost, Looking & Found is an anthology of prose, poetry and illustration."

From the Greek anthologia, from anthos ‘flower’ + -logia ‘collection’ (from legein ‘gather’).

Literally meaning "a gathering of flowers [of verse]".

One word stood out to us from this definition. The Salon has always aimed to bring together like-minded people, and as we find our way through these strange times and enjoy sharing spaces again, we want to know how that experience engages and inspires creative minds.


Our theme is "GATHERING".

We leave it up to you to decide what our theme means to you. We're very excited to see what you come up with!


We welcome submissions from anyone, especially those who have previously engaged with the Edinburgh Literary Salon and our activities. This includes those who have come along to our Salon events as guests or attendees, and staff and students from Edinburgh Napier University.

We are committed to embracing and embedding the principles of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality in the production of this anthology.

Eligible work includes prose (fiction or non-fiction), poetry, and black and white illustration (including graphic work and photography). Prose can be up to 3,000 words in any genre, poetry up to 30 lines, and graphic fiction should be no more than 8 pages. Images need to be at least 400mm (height or width) and 300 dpi (please contact us if you need help).

Work should not have been previously published (see Terms and Conditions). We also request that writers do not place their work elsewhere during the submission or pre-publication period. If you need to withdraw your submission, please email to let us know ASAP.

We are open to all creative approaches, but all work must respond to the theme of ‘Gathering’. We will only accept one submission per person.

If you want to know more about the kind of work we're looking for, we recommend reading about the publication process for our first anthology here, and buying a copy here


If you have any questions about eligibility, or have any accessibility requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the submissions email address at the top of the page. We will help you as best we can.

How To Submit

Submissions must be sent via email, to edlitanthologysubmissions@gmail.com, by the deadline of 11:59pm on 30th September 2022. We do not charge for submissions. Entrants must include a statement in their accompanying email that certifies that their entry is their own, original unpublished work.

By submitting work, writers agree to collaborate with the MSc Publishing students at the editing stage, which will begin in January 2023.

The judging process is anonymous, so all submission documents must be sent as an email attachment (not contained in the email) as a Word document (textual submissions) or a PDF (images) with no identifying features. We require all textual submissions to be in standard font (e.g. Times New Roman) at 12pt with double line spacing.

The title of your submission should be the document name. Your submission email should include the following in the subject line: ‘SUBMISSION’ then ‘YOUR NAME - DOCUMENT NAME’.

Your name and contact details should appear on the submission cover page or on the accompanying email, but not on any entry. (Do not include your name or any identifying information in the work itself.)


If your submission requires a format specific to your prose or poetry (i.e. concrete/graphic poetry or prose, or captioned photography) please send it as a PDF. If selected, you will be asked for the original document, or original high-resolution digital image.

Accompanying Email

The accompanying email will contain the following details in the following order:

  • A short, third-person biography of yourself (roughly 80 words or less), which describes your work, your interests, and your connection to the Edinburgh Literary Salon, or Edinburgh in general. (Please also include any social media handles, such as Instagram or Twitter, blogs or websites.)

  • Name:

  • Address:

  • Phone number:

  • Email:

  • Title of work:

  • Number of words:

  • [Format of image:]

  • Declaration that the submitted entry is your own, original unpublished work.

Judging and Publication Processes

We will complete our selection process in October 2022.

We will acknowledge and respond to every submission via email. We hope to repeat this project, so if your work doesn’t ‘fit’ this Anthology, please look out for another future opportunity.

You will have the opportunity to work with postgraduate students on MSc Publishing, the only doubly accredited Publishing course in the UK. Guided by academic staff, the students will work with you to prepare your work for publication, and will be fully engaged in the process. This is a unique and exciting publishing opportunity for any writer!

If your submission is accepted, we will require you to grant us (Edinburgh Literary Salon/Edinburgh Napier University) first publishing rights, after which all rights to publish the work elsewhere will revert to you – but we would appreciate an acknowledgement in any other publication. A contract outlining the terms and conditions of publication will be agreed on acceptance of your work.

On another point, we are doing this to raise funds to keep the Edinburgh Literary Salon afloat; to give a platform for members of our Literary Community and most crucially, to demonstrate that writers and artists are important... especially during these difficult times. 

We hope to offer each selected writer a small fee – as well as, of course, a lasting connection with the Edinburgh Literary Salon. 

Terms and Conditions


  1. Submissions should not have been previously published. Previous publication is considered to include: newspaper, newsletter, magazine, anthology, chapbook, book, website, electronic magazine, or any other edited public platform or forum.

  2. You will receive a response by email to confirm receipt of your submission.

  3. We will endeavour to respond to all submissions by email, regardless of acceptance or rejection, within six weeks after the closing date. Please do not contact us to enquire about your submission before six weeks have passed from the end of the submissions period.

  4. We will endeavour to give a small amount of feedback on all rejections. The final decision lies with the judging panel.


Judging process:

  1. Our judging panel consists of members of the Edinburgh Literary Salon Steering Group, Edinburgh Napier University staff members, and industry professionals, totalling an uneven number.

  2. All submissions will be judged anonymously.


Publication and Contract Terms:

  1. If a submission is successful, we kindly ask that the author does not announce an acceptance on social media or any other public platform until all rejections have been sent out.

  2. If selected, specific written contractual terms will be negotiated between the author and the publisher (Merchiston Publishing) and agreed upon before any use of the submission.

  3. If selected for publication, copyright remains with the author, save for a one-time non-exclusive license for the use of their submission in the first edition of the anthology.

  4. By submitting work, writers agree to collaborate with the MSc Publishing students at the editing stage, which will begin in January 2023.

  5. ​The Edinburgh Literary Salon promises to credit the author for all uses of their work, to send proofs with good time given for correction and return, and to send any reprint enquiries to the author.​

  6. We are happy for contributors to consult The Society of Authors' specialist advisers or other professional advisers, should they have any concerns about their contracts, and we will allow time for this before any use of the submission is made.


Data Protection and Legal Compliance:

  1. The submission will be circulated, reproduced, and made available only to the persons responsible for the consideration of the submission, i.e. the judging panel. We will adopt and maintain internal processes to ensure appropriate confidentiality for every submission, to avoid any conflict of interest or inadvertent plagiarism.

  2. We will also adopt and maintain internal processes for the receipt of submissions, including secure logging and recording of the submission and the author's details. This data will be kept in accordance with data privacy laws.

  3. Unsuccessful submissions, and the accompanying author's personal data, will be destroyed after six weeks from the closing date of the submissions period.

  4. Should we wish to keep any author details for the purposes of later contact or invited submission, we will ask the author's permission.