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NEXT SALON: May’s Hybrid Genre Salon & Leith Festival

Tuesday the 31st of May, 2022, 6pm, Live and on Zoom

It’s nearing the Festival Season, and so we have a special offer: two Salon Events for the price of one!

As we head into Festival Season, our Maytime Literary Salon is an opportunity to embrace the (new) normality. We’ll be at the Outhouse again, and for those who can’t be with us in person, we’ll be live-streaming the ‘formal’ section of the evening (from 7pm) which is all about Festivals.

We have two festivals to tell you about, and the first is CYMERA – Scotland’s Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing. Our good friend Ann Landmann is the Director of this fabulous Festival, and she will introduce us to the programme. We don’t often get to hear people reading at the Salon, so one of the featured writers will be giving us a short excerpt from their work.

We’ll also be hearing about the Leith Festival, speaking of which, we will be there…

Leith versus The World STORY SLAM!

Tuesday the 7th of June, 2022, 7pm, Live and on Zoom As part of the Leith Festival, Edinburgh Literary Salon presents this special, one-off event at Argonaut Books, on Leith Walk

You’ve heard of a poetry slam... well here’s something similar. In Scotland’s Year of the Story, we present six writers with tiny stories, from six words to a hundred, all competing for a tiny prize.

There will be other readings, books for sale, entertainment, and refreshments.

The venue, Argonaut Books, on Leith Walk, is fully accessible, and we will also be livestreaming on zoom. All proceeds go towards the Leith Festival, and to help run our monthly Literary Salon.

If you would like to compete in the story slam, please get in touch by the 31st of May. You’ll need to write three tiny stories – a drabble, a sestude, and a micro-story (6 words) based on a prompt – and be willing to compete for little more than the glory of the Story Slam Champion title!


May’s Hybrid Genre Salon

Tuesday 31st of May, 2022, 6pm at the Outhouse; 7pm on Zoom*

Tickets on Eventbrite – please state which tickets you require as in-person numbers are limited. We will send a zoom invitation to all attendees anyway.

Leith versus The World STORY SLAM!

Tuesday 7th of June, 2022, 7pm at Argonaut Books; 7.30 – 9pm on Zoom*

Tickets also on Eventbrite – please state which tickets you require as in-person numbers are limited. We will send a zoom invitation to all attendees anyway.

Two Salon Events for the price of one may seem like a bargain, but given they’re free, maybe not. However, we would be doubly happy if you could contribute, either by buying our lovely book, buying us a coffee, or coming along and popping some coins in the jar.

*We acknowledge that some people prefer to attend the Zoom without video, so we invite people to use the ‘comments’ section to give input, paste relevant links, and ask questions. We encourage Salon attendees to say ‘bye’ if they so wish when departing! We will save any links from the comments to share to our mailing-list and social media, and we will not be recording the zoom. For the Story Slam, Zoom attendees are invited to show their audience reaction in the chat also!


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