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NEXT EVENT: March’s Easter Mingling Salon

Tuesday the 26th of March, 2024, 6.30 Downstairs at The Outhouse

Occasionally we have a back-to-basics Salon, so this Easter Edition is purely for mingling, with a few Easter Eggs thrown in for entertainment.

In the week running up to Easter, we’re holding an Event which focuses on the core purpose of the Literary Salon, a chance to meet and mingle with fellow enthusiasts of all things literary and more. For this reason, we won’t be having guest speakers or writers, but we will include some egg-related activities – in the literary sense, of course!


This kind of Event doesn’t translate well to our usual hybrid approach so we’re taking a month off livestreaming. However, we will be at our regular home, The Outhouse, and will be downstairs since this space is a fully accessible for those with such needs. Please register as usual, and say hello to one of our Steering Group members on arrival.


We will have a drinks reception as always, there'll be an Egg-related icebreaker, and after a brief welcome (egg-related) folk can mingle and enjoy some eggsellent company.

7.35: Notes of Interest and Information

Registration for this event can be found on Eventbrite

(Or simply email us to say you're coming in person; we won't need to send zoom info.)

It's free to attend our events. We invite donations for the glass of wine, or we encourage people to buy us a coffee to help fund our work. If you can’t afford to donate, you are still welcome. Our two anthologies are on sale here, and books will be available to purchase on the night. We look forward to seeing you in person.


Accessibility Notice


Edinburgh Literary Salon is open to all those with an interest in all aspects of Literature, whether professional or personal, and to all parts of the industry: writers, publishers, booksellers etc. We aim to hold some events at accessible venues, and this month our regular venue, The Outhouse, has allowed us to book the Downstairs Bar which is fully accessible, has disabled toilets, and an accessible courtyard also. For this reason, we will not livestream this event as the focus will be on in-person interaction which is hard to replicate on zoom. All are welcome, there is no upfront charge to attend, and we strive to ensure straightforward registration. We invite positive feedback on how we can improve, even within our limitations as a non-funded organisation. We welcome open conversation.

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