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NEXT SALON: February's Creative Writing Salon

Tuesday the 28th of February, 2023, 7pm, Live and on Zoom

In our February Salon, looking at learning and the writing process, we'll be debating the 3 'R's: Writing, Retreats, and A Route into Writing!

*Please note the new Doors Open time of 6:30pm below*

For many, the writing world can be a lonely place. It can also be a struggle, for many different reasons. This month we’ll be asking a Big Question: What are the barriers to learning about writing? Is it the cost – of courses, retreats, or competitions? Is competition itself off-putting? Maybe creativity is a struggle; getting those words onto the page isn’t always easy. Can these things even be taught – in which case, why do creative writing courses, retreats, and residencies exist? For those who can’t afford these – can we say? – luxuries, where is the best place to write anyway? In a café with an endless supply of cappuccino, on the bus on the way to the day-job, or on the sofa

once the kids are tucked away?

Whether people join writing groups or prefer to hole themselves away in an imaginary ivory tower, attending a Salon is a great way to meet other writers or folk from the industry, to exchange ideas and anecdotes, or simply to relax with a glass of something.

In the Foreword of our first Anthology, Lost, Looking & Found, we quote one of our most famous local writers who said, “We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” This sums up the spirit of a Literary Salon. This month don’t get stuck in a turret: come and join us for a friendly, literary debate on the 3 Rs – as we see them!

We’ll be at our usual place, The Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane, or for those who cannot attend in person, live-streamed on Zoom. From this month onwards we’re tweaking the timing a little…

How it works... 


6.30: Doors Open – Upstairs Function Room (New Time)

7.00: Open the Zoom meeting (nb: Zoom details are emailed at 6.30!)

7.10: Introduce the evening's theme and guests

7.20: Open Debate: What are the barriers to learning about writing?

7.50: Notes of Interest, Live Mingling, and Zoom chat

There will be wine on arrival, and we encourage folk to stick around and continue the discussion – wherever it leads us – for as long as they wish… The Outhouse usually closes around midnight!

Tickets are available from Eventbrite – we will send a zoom invitation to all attendees anyway.

All Salon Events are free. We invite donations for the glass of wine, and we encourage people to buy us a coffee to help fund our work. Our first anthology is still on sale here.

We look forward to seeing you in person, or in the Zoom room!

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