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NEXT SALON: February Salon – The Future of Reviewing

At our February Salon From Your Home, we will be having a discussion on critiquing. What impact has digital media had, or what is the future of critics? Even before COVID, when review space got cut in papers, and there was a struggle to survive; are there positives to this? Now there are niche reviews, digital platforms, podcast reviews, bloggers: are they as good as newspapers? Critics may argue that there is less regulation, but it can be interesting to think about the positives of the new market.

We will be welcoming three guests who are well known to the Literary Salon right back from the days when the City of Literature ran the monthly meetings: Vin Arthey, Philip Cavenay, and Lynsey May. They will each give their perspective as reviewers, and have a discussion generated by this interesting article in the New Yorker.

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