Salon events throughout the year

Our ongoing plan is to meet up every last Tuesday of the calendar month. This usually happens at the Wash bar on the mound but current restrictions mean that we are doing this online.
We often have guest writers or themes, as well as extra events, as and when it seems appropriate.
Please subscribe to our mailing list or follow up on eventbrite to keep informed on upcoming events.


May’s Speculative Spectacular Salon

Our Speculative Spectacular is not too far in the distance... in fact, it's this Tuesday (6pm, 25th May). We have genres to suit many tastes, and guests not only from the future, but the past as well! You don't need a time-machine to attend, but you do need the internet. Tickets are available from the usual place.
As we head towards the publication of our first Anthology (for more information please check out our linktree,, each of our Salon Meetings will feature a writer from our book.
May's Salon from Your Home has guests from Shoreline of Infinity plus writing groups, Edinburgh Genre Writers and Edinburgh Science Fiction and Fantasy. The featured writer from our Anthology is Lyndsey Croal, and we also welcome back former guest, Pippa Goldschmidt.
While all events are free, we encourage people to buy us a coffee to help fund the work of Edinburgh Literary Salon.
It’s going to be a fantastical evening. We look forward to seeing you.